ZCCA-Libusin in STRIKE Print
Written by Martin Zet   


To:  All who might be concerned

and especially to Redas Diržys  


From: Martin Zet, ZCCA-Libušín October 7, 2008 in Libušín 

Dear Redas Diržys, and all impatient folks,  as part of celebrating the 10 years anniversary of founding ZCCA-Libušín (which nobody, including me, noticed) we got to point of crucial change of our existence:  From this day the Libušín branch of ZCCA-Libušín is in unlimited strike. This strike can be considered to be part of the ART STRIKE activities coming form ASAC-Alytus, STASAC-Alytus, in which also our LEFT LITHUANIAN WING can play some role. 



Yours sincerely                                 

Martin Zet


P.O.BOX 21273 06 Libušín, Czech Republic     

This is also the last day of P.O.BOX 21, no further contact (until recall) possible.