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The quantum psychogeographical superimposition of New York and Munich, through the Nazi show of  “Degenerate Art” in Munich -  in the same year as MOMA got its present location at Rockefellers in NYC and also Solomon Guggenheim’s museum of non-objective art was established – 1937, shows how fascism and liberal capitalism form the left and right hands of Masonic rule.

Fascism was the rudimentary prototype of the contemporary society of abundance that is called the society of the spectacle. The contemporary generalization of the spectacle of commodities (from paintings to potato chips to eccentric ideologies, from the pseudo-diversity of automobiles to the pseudo-diversity of art movements and politicians) is the key to the rudimentary spectacle constituted by fascism, which could only offer a few potatoes, a single people, a single leader, a single blood, a single ground (and a single automobile: the Volkswagen), etc.
But just as one must never leave the critique of fascism to democrats, the critique of democracy must not be abandoned to cretins. Recently Conservatives have coined the term “Liberal fascism” – while this term has been mostly dismissed it does demonstrate how fascism has become demarcated with a left and right, the Conservatives and neo-cons themselves unwittingly positioned within it.

The semantic space of politics however is not one occupied by Communism – which stands outside of Modernism – by not being built upon the categories of bourgeois specialisms typified by the Dewey Decimal System developed by the Freemasons, but by being present at every single point withint he volume of the semantic space – through the omnipresence of the workers – typified by a new semantic space – one impossible until very recently.


The 4th dimension indeed caused massive ruptures in the semantic space by invading the territory of maths, physics, art, religion – in the Dewey Decimal System. It was however designed to remain bound to 1 Trimension. Boccioni’s use of this method is evident in the following quotes from his lecture to Circolo Internazionale Artistic, 1911, Rome, regarding his ‘force-lines’:

“These force-lines must encircle and involve the spectator so that he will in a manner be forced to struggle himself with the persons in the picture.

Those lines, those spots, those zones of colour, apparently illogical and meaningless, are the mysterious key to our pictures”
The force-lines which represent a fourth dimensional force are linked to another space/dimension  – outside the painting. He identifies other dimensions at work outside the visual:

“...the picture must be a synthesios of what one remembers and of what one sees.”

Ie the psychic dimension – however these remain unexplained within the space of the painting – occult. Indeed the theories of Blavatsky, Ouspensky – even string theory of unseen dimensions tie in to this use. This is however totally different from the Lettrist  force – fields – not simply because we have moved from line to field. Lettrism is not a language or a code – it presents its force in the immediate field – the here and now. The letter and the picture do not represent anything. They manifest force in the here and now – in the present situation outside of other dimensions. Hence its force is clear and open without any other power to refer to.

Arguments that Lettrism or Situationism would be impossible without futurism are akin to arguing that the Warsaw Uprising would be impossible without the Nazis. Dada was an anti-war movement and futurism a pro-war movement. The organised right-wing nationalist pro-war imperialist political action of Boccioni, are indeed the other dimensions to his painting – which give meaning to his force-lines.
Recently the Communist Party of Great Britain – a contradiction in terms surely – has supported the Taliban as an anti-imperialist force – despite the fact that local communist groups such as the Communist Mazdoor Kisaan Party are in open conflict with the Taliban. This is the consciousness brought about by the 4th dimension – where so-called revolutionaries are firmly held by the force-field of bourgeois consciousness.

N + 1

The term 'n + 1' was used by the Communist Left in 1958, in an article regarding the sequence of the modes of production. The term refers to the mathematical induction principle, Peano’s 5th axiom and Poincare’s complete recurrence principle, and describes the dialectic unity of two opposites:

1. the material continuity in the transition from a mode of production to the next (no new category comes up from nothing);

2. the total breakdown in such a transition: ‘n + 1’ (communism) goes beyond all the previous categories, by transforming or denying them.

Such categories prove essential for the future society, which, at the same time, gives birth to categories diametrically opposed to those belonging to ‘n’, ‘n -1’ etc., that is capitalism and all the previous societies.

The content of the term ‘n + 1’ is not a novelty: in fact, it is the strict formalization of the method on which Marx bases the revolutionary theory of sequence of social and productive forms and that he states in the Introduction (1857) to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy.

‘n + 1’replaces other terms greatly abused in history by various opportunistic currents, and excludes any reference to political archetypes and ‘-isms’ of different kind. It does not send preconstituted messages to a passive audience (as television does, for example). On the contrary, it stimulates readers’ interactivity and tests their tendency to become ‘lectores in fabula’, that is, to play an active part in the message.

By using the term ‘n + 1’, we wish to stress our distance from the Marxist-Leninist-Einsteinist liturgy and language, which have become nothing but a symptom of conformism, comparable to many others existing in this society.

According to Marx, communism is the whole material process of becoming. Therefore communism is not an imaginary model to be applied in the distant future, but a reality which produces its effects right now. It is not an utopia, or a philosophy among others: it is the material movement towards a superior social organization.

Communists are not those who ‘want’ communism, but those who see it already working (as an unceasing process, which makes obsolete the present socio-economical organization) and who behave accordingly.

Communists do not profess a philosophical belief, that is one of the many ‘interpretations’ of the world, but they join something which truly exists.


The quantum computer will come on-line in 2 years time. It will then have not just a graphical user interface to a central processing unit but also psychic, olfactory, gustatory and audio interfaces connecting a distributed processing unit to a distributed nervous system. Teleportation and time travel will become common place through the transference of identity from body to body.
A commodity is, in the first place, an object outside us, a thing that by its properties satisfies human wants of some sort or another. The nature of such wants, whether, for instance, they spring from the stomach or from fancy, makes no difference. Neither are we here concerned to know how the object satisfies these wants, whether directly as means of subsistence, or indirectly as means of production. All commodities – all images – including the quantum computer itself – will become interfaces – instruments for the domination of the working class by the bourgeoisie.

It is only through organising as workers – as done by the Art strikers – that we can create a quantum situlogical field – entangled with other situations in superimposition - to reclaim the technology which we have created and which the Masonic order has stolen from us and means to use to dominate us.

We join the Data Miners = Travailleurs Psychique in order to develop that association of workers in order to take direct control over the means of production, consumption and destruction.