Written by Daniel X   

The integrated spectacle which incorporates the concentrated spectacle of
fascism and the diffuse spectacle of liberalism is well exemplified by
Group 4 Securicor. G4S, one of the biggest multinationals play a major
part in the integrated spectacle - securing focal points of the Capitalist
machine across the planet - from diamond mines in Africa to airports in
Iraq and Afghanistan and Detention Centres (Concentration Camps) in
England. The death of Eliud Nguli Nyenze on 15th April 2010 at G4SA run
Oakington Concentration Camp shows that the genocide that the British
government presides over does not guarantee that the gas chambers of
liberal capitalism are permanently off-shore - we already live in a state
without borders because as human beings we are all and already capital.

And so we must manifest our humanity in opposition to capital as labour in
opposition to reactionary forms of organisation such as nation and
ethnicity (from so-called Communists taking part in national and regional
bourgeois elections in England and across Britain to those Communists who
advocate Pakhtunva in the NWFP of Pakistan or those that posit Huzarava in
response to the ethnic cleansing of the Taliban of Hazara people in
Afghanistan) which slip back to bygone ages of the Prophets or of
Divinity. The Age of the Proletariat is ushered in by those Workers on
hunger strike over the world who are not calling on any other power but
that of their own humanity – from Maryam Mehdi in Algeria on hunger strike
against dismissal from Britsh Gas, Tekel workers in Turkey, Jim Wyse
against Green Isle in Ireland – whose co-worker John Retco also on hunger
threatened with deportation to Phillipines – refugees at Yarls Wood
and Heathrow concentration camps - and now refugees at Oakington.

Politics is a part of psychic war as it manifests in the dimensions of
thought, sight and sound - as opposed to taste, smell and touch of
physical war. G4S straddle this divide and show us that it is not nation
states but Capitalist multinational corporations that run the spectacle.
G4S have recently won a "British Safety Council International Award" in
relation to Oakington Immigration centre. The company will be presented
with the award on Friday 21 May during a black tie banquet at the
Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.

We urge workers to disrupt this spectacle.
We will be there to help destroy it.

Data Miners Travailleurs Psychique
Mayday 2010