Written by Bifo   


I' m stuck in Trondheim, a beautiful city of the Norwegian western coast. I was supposed to leave Thursday morning and fly back to Bologna for a meeting of Bologna citta libera. That morning I received a call from my friend Jean. She told me: something happens. All flights are cancelled, you have to leave tomorrow. Tomorrow I go to airport and they tell me you have to wait tomorrow. Then I started thinking. Ash is not going away. It will stay in the European atmosphere for days and weeks. Air companies are trying to figure out what the effect of this will be on their budget, already strained by the financial crisis. But the point is not there. The European leading class is stuck to ground. Managers and politicans, and all the cognitive workers who are daily busy in connecting the European brain are stuck to ground. They can't move. The fascist omophobic polish leadership has been annihilated by the impredictability of the sky. Now sky is just declaring that the end of this greedy Union is a matter of days.

The European Union, which has been unable and unwilling to deal with the Greek crisis, and is unable and unwilling to face recession with the removal of the Neoliberal politics that caused the recession, now is doomed.

What is happening in sky is a call to thought. Cognitarians and poets all over Europe should start to fight for Europe02, for a new concept of the process, based on the potency of intellectual work, not on the financial rule of the ECB.
But nobody is answering the call.

French intellectuals are dead, those who are still breathing and write in the newspapers are former Maoists repented of their past and licking the ass of economic power. Italian intellectuals are blinded by the glitch of Berlusconi's dictatorship. The say mantra in defense of the old and good Italian Constitution aggressed by the mediaset mafia and by the racists of the Northern Ligue, but they don't understand that the infection will never be eradicated by the Italian people. Italian people have not been able to get free from Mussolini in 1939, they have hanged by the feet the corpse of the dictator defeated by the Allies. The same will happen now. Berlusconi will never be defeated by the Italians. The new Europeans will do that.

Some days ago, speaking in a meeting in the city of Stavanger, Norway, I called Norwegian intellectuals to join the Union. They told me: why should we do that? Existing Europe is only able to exploit labor and to divert social energies and resources and turn them into bank profits. We, the Norwegians are using the wealth coming from oil for the common good. Actually Norwegian worker's wages are 50.000 euros per year, and social services are much better than everywhere in the neoliberal continent.


So why should they give up their oil in exchange for the European central Bank greedy rule?
I answered them: I understand you. But that Europe you are talking about is going to die soon. A new Europe has to be built, based on friendship and creativity, not on greed and on racism. Come in Europe to help do destroy the Central Bank dictatorship. Come with us to destroy the greedy racism of Schengen.