Written by Redas Diržys   


That's true - the managers and politicians and all academicians and "serious culture" producing employees are stuck to the ground. Also the tourists starveling for continuous flow of the spectacle could be counted into it....to say strictly - mostly of them are bourgeoisie... so far I have a sharp disbelieve towards the 'serious' forms of the role to perform "continuous connection of European brain"...and the same about the "professional" entertainment forms usually called art - that's I found out great to see bourgeois culture stuck to the ground, interrupted spectacles, conferences, meetings etc. Instead people can simply start to look for local substitutes which would show for great reserves they have and never realized before. Also the stuck in foreign places professors can try to continuously give the same speeches till the final realizing how outdated they are and then to go beyond it. Nobody is answering the call [to fight for Europe 02] because the way it is said is wrong - the conferences and lectures are to the right places to receive answer, but rather the back call for an adequate event... the "cognitariat" does not weakens bourgeoisie, but strengthens it instead.


What I found more relative towards the real destroying of the EU is not the appeal to a square filled Norwegians but to the hungry-and-angry intellectuals from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey...and might be to go even further - Iran, India, China... why to be so stuck on the racist Europe, and especially on that over-self-estimated area of Western Europe, what in fact is just a western coast of Asia?


I really like your talks, Bifo, and your playful sense of humor, but it does not necessarily leads to action. Your personal charm leads people towards one more spectacle and so they are staying passive for that particular time at least.


But what's due to the poetry - that's true - it's a big power, but not the poets (the capitalist specialization) are the ones to start fighting (they would never do that - except making some self-referential eccentric performances), but all people united in collective and imaginative action. It's time to reclaim the poetry from that simpleminded pornography what it is right now established for the mass use...and then it will go on....That fits to the specialized and separated from praxis academicians.... sorry to remind, but your being in Alytus showed up very interesting situation - your speeches and knowledge shared produced collapse of unity among the participants.... that was reestablished immediately after you left. That doesn’t mean I blame you - opposite - the fact is something very constructive for the future arrangements and possibly our collaborations as well.


What i share with you - that is the enjoying the deepening of the neo-liberalist crisis even because of the ashes, what beats cashes...and choke the blablashes. So far the crisis is total - economical, political, cultural, ecological - the means should be total - all or nothing! Even for the so praised intellectuals now is a very good time to go up on some Norwegian fiord and to start to sing openly and so joining the Nordic polyphony of elfs - unity with natural forces is also a fight! The primordial polyphony is a Nordic way of unity, while roman tradition is based on a concept...



Very best wishes!