Written by West Essex Zapatista   


As the European Union grows in power, Pan-European internationalism will create more problems than it solves. Whereas some may see “European-wide” links as being a healthy way of breaking out of the limits of the nation, for us the real key to internationalism lies in its universalism. We suggest that the abandonment of “Europe-wide” organizing is necessary to allow a more egalitarian way of organizing which does not privilege the “European”, whether understood in terms of culture, race or region.


It is precisely this three-fold ambiguity in the sense of the word “European” that gives it such a volatile ideological value. It can be understood by different people in different ways. Those that understand it terms of region, perforce must adopt the sort of territorialism which is characteristic of the state, in this case the emerging European Union. Another conception is racial, which originated in the consolidation of a White social elite in European colonies outside Europe. The third associates the highest level of human achievement with the history of Europe from the days of ancient Greece to today.


Europe-wide organizing has a reactionary effect by:


• Encouraging a European identity as something separate from humanity in general by privileging European connectedness.


• Discouraging the participation of people from non-European diasporas living in Europe by discriminating against their social, cultural and political connections with places outside Europe


• Obstructing a critical appraisal of Eurocentrism, institutional racism and White Supremacy by adopting a structure which facilitates all three.

"Globalization" has highlighted our increasing need to develop counter-strategies at a global level. For this to succeed we need to ensure that an organizational practice that embraces the whole of humanity, rather than allowing a method of organization which asserts the autonomy of one of the richest parts of the world which has a track record of spreading destruction, exploitation and brutality across the world since the inception of capitalism in the sixteenth century C.E.



17th May 2005 West Essex Zapatista