Written by Redas Diržys   


Dear Bifo,


Thanks for your answer!


I agree that our disagreements are not so much important in general, but the way we argument our positions is much more important in trying to figure out how to deal really with the capitalist mechanisms. You're asking me where is bourgeoisie??? And you can't see them - common, it you and me first of all...and the biggest trouble of the so called cognitariat that the cannot realize it still and that makes impossible to move any step forward.


But first due to those criminals, corruptors and pimps from economic and political power - that's true - they are, but what is to be done with them?? to put them into the prisons?? to sue them?? To persuade or educate???

Actually there is one very good receipt - from the surrealist times, or even earlier - to disband the armies, to open the prisons...anyway the biggest criminals are never jailed...and what is the since of talking on human freedom if people use to suspend others people's freedom.

To come back to the term of bourgeoisie - there I can come from my own experience in that area of so called former "soviet-communist" camp - there are no angry and hungry intellectuals any more - they changed they behavior to look like "civilized Europeans", they changed they thinking, creating and even eating habits. They are imagining beeing themselves something they would like to see themselves on TV....also about those who would be tending to call themselves proletariat - soviet system as state capitalist state turned upside-down all the social system already before 90-ies - the workers already had all necessary bourgeois habits and imagination before they got able to embody it into practice. Those guys who emigrate to the west for economic reasons - they are coming back and turning themselves into the classical bourgeois environment and behavior... There is nothing else remaining in that society!!! When I was talking about eastern Europe - I have not mean the eastern EU buffer, but areas beyond them, but unfortunately they are going to make the same mistakes we did - they are already infected by bourgeois welfare and identifying it with a personal freedom.



You think those people can change something? I do not think so. And even minority of the really critical people like you, who are staying in the universities - that is also to support the system, because you give an illusion that there is some hope to "improve" the system - you are making the corrupted educational system to have some attraction instead of simply collapsing.


I agree with you and with British underpaid info-data-miners because there you have some critical tradition remained and you are trying in sometimes different ways to push it forward, because Easter European EU states' intellectuals are kind of zombie-troops of neoliberal order.


To give 1000 Euros to every European in present conditions of neoliberal capitalism - that sounds very populist and it probably would be much more reliable rhetoric’s to such persons as Berlusconi. First it would turn to passivity even those who are still active (you can see what happen with the French artists for example. the mostly revolutionary social group during the couple of centuries got the biggest privileges and now turned into its own pastiche. Another point of it - strengthening of eurocentrism... so far the European welfare is based on colonialist profit there will be no escape in just separatism from the rest of the world.


But the Greek events are very good point to start to realize new prospective. I've combined few of your terms into - barbarianism of social imagination. I think that is the only way to change something in the system. And what we can do now is to not allow our governments to support the corrupted power system of Greece (what would eventually will lead to regeneration of the system), but to let the collapse and then to support the new structures of the social imagination. I am sure that is what all those political and economical pimps are afraid most of all at the moment. To say truth I am disappointed very much how the intellectuals are detached from that case of Greece - it seems to resemble Spanish civil war from the first half of the last century. Either we'll support them (that is not direct way to those 1000 Euros to everyone, but much reliable the in the form of reforms) or will let them die. But if to go much more forward I think that 1000 Euros will be not the relevant form to realize human independence in the future society.



with friendship