Written by Andriucha & Johnny   


In solidarity with all workers of the world, especially cultural/psychic, in opposition to 'clean' serious 'culture', on Thursday the 13th of May in the conservative south-west of England, we took action of disagreement.

Basically, the action was a dedication to Dartington College of Arts and their landlords - Dartington Hall Trust. College is moving out next year, due to landlords cleaning their premises of 'artists'. The nostalgic feelings towards rural England and commodification of conservative values were not the reason of us doing it. In this place, it is fckn boring, and it is not surprise for us that the conservatives won the election in 'the capital of alternative lifestyle and culture' called Totnes. Scrap the con hippie rubbish!



andriucha & johnny


 (funny video to fit the topic - psychogeography in Totnes/Dartington - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ClA7UuXpek )