Written by ASIMDB   


So far our negotiations with CAC at Vilnius did not gave any results we are informing about the situation and declaring our resolve.


Shortly about the pretext: later this year CAC at Vilnius is planning to held the even which would resume all the best art events through the last decade. CAC as an institution appointed itself to decide the historification of the national arts scene. Alytus biennial events were on the scope of the institution and the curators of the decennial contacted ASIMDB to discuss the presentation of the documentation from the archives.


 Since the first biennial “Beware! Politics!” our task was to propagate antibiennalization, to mock the structures of the “serious culture”, to avoid capitalist specialization and to erase the demarcation line between art and politics what means simply to bring back to life inherent human right to make himself social decisions and to have right for self expression, instead of watching the spectacle. 


 Therefore the invitation by CAC simply means the intent not only to enlist Alytus Biennial as one of the mostly influential Lithuanian Art factors, but also to reduce it till miserable artistic simulation. From the other side this particular invitation of the art strikers to partake elitist art stage event proves the absurdity of the art world structure: the real art workers, who are in trust of capitalist propaganda and working hard all the time, did not get any attention while the art mockers are getting the main attention. Is it really worth endeavour to still trust capitalist poisonous art promoting system?



But what they do expect from the art strikers while inviting them to partake the supreme hierarchic structure of the local biennalization – national decennial?  Do they really expect us following their treacherous suggestion? We treat it as straight attempt to recuperate our ideas and to mess it up.


Therefore we give a plump refusal to any speculations on our activities what this institution would be attempting to establish. We already expressed everything we were able for during our previous events and do not want to come back to it. Today we are going forward from those issues towards new tasks and the offer from CAC art bureaucrats to stop us for scavenging in the past is nothing else but diversion. We do not stop on our way to disrupt the “serious culture” as bourgeois rite. 


Contrary to their claims we never offered and not intending to offer any “art project” – the only thing we offered to accept from us was creation of the situation in their event what would result confusion and lose for all participants of the “serious culture spectacle”. We were offering the arrangement of the labyrinth were all the art works, artists an visitors would be definitely lost and finally could experience psychogeography (i.e. freedom from bourgeois art).


So, dear strategists and ideologists of CAC-Vilnius, do you really trust that we are so stupid to sell our creeds for such a misery of fame you’re offering? Do you really are so impotent to trust the creating of the chapter “institutional critique” in your show means something adequate? Do you really believe your institutional decisions have any sense? Does somebody trust it?


Our critique is not directed towards you directly – we are destroying the institution of the art as concept what is taken for granted by kind of the institutions you’re. We are declaring openly – neither art, nor art institutions in the society do not play any role but are simply empty signifiers in the field of political manipulations. We pursue agitation, education and propaganda against any oppressive kind of institutions you’re. We declare that “serious culture” is a myth, which is created to finally oppress and repress people in a psychic, sexual, social, political way and to ensure their obedience.


The way artists were trying to bring the spiritual liberation of men is outdated – the capitalist nexus fragmented human consciousness into numerous specialized sectors which has an oppressive mechanisms created to each case. To proceed further in the path of the psychic, political, sexual, social liberation of men there is not enough to act in alienated areas – the only way is to act totally. So, on that occasion we invite all the psychic workers to unite against the oppressive system of “serious culture” which is also an exploiting system of so called cultural workers.


Finally, as you already anticipate, we refuse from participation in any kind of your dirty games. We have our own evaluation of the last decade, but you are ill-equipped to understand our ideas and to accept or means.