Written by Karen Karnak   


At 21:16 pm Spanish Time 20th July 2010 - I began my connection with the deadworkers of the furniture factories in "Angles" town in Cataluña. Karen Karnak assisted me in my work, as alone I would not be able to contain the psychic channel, such is and has always been the way. The factory lies abandoned and at the edge of the miserable town.

The veneer of the town is thin, woodworkers making not decorative or functional objects but a system of power transfer which uses psychic channels to convert a long hot day wasted within the dusty enclosure of the building, chained like a dog to a loud machine, into a relaxed teatime glance at the varnished finished of the ´quality´object. In the old town a tavern displays a complex door to the toilet. It is made from a series of small framed indents. Staring at the door during my stay in the toilet I noticed the amount of time and concentration which had gone into the work.

This same energy goes into the computer, into data mining, and all forms of skilled time exhaustive work. It can be said that assembly line work does not contain this psychic energy but it is true, when one has experienced the deep shamanic trance of the conveyor belt, the slippage of time, and the psychic jolt when the machine comes to rest for the regular three hour tea break.

The dead furniture workers in the Catalan village stared with the same focused trance at the intricate toilet door, the tavern in the old town is where they would go to unwind, a release of the same coiled kundalini energy as the data miner feels when her, or his, "head has been in the computer" all day. We are all psychic workers for the system, the same system which converts raw human energy wattage into mental and psychic focus.
The err in the tavern slips down well- the "err" is the energy which aids forgetting- it is a vital energy which allows repetitive work to be continued. the "err" is also an agent of indeterminacy which allows the black and white of argument some space, a space between the binaries. 1010101 0101010 and a sabotage strategy for undoing the quality of the data-mine.

I have forgotten its name (the tavern) but it is here:

on the Calle de la industria -
the psychic numerals C-63, 46, 2, 1, 2, 18
contain the keys to this communication

a second image appears which represents the psychic channel of the dead workers
I don't know what it is, an arrow or direction device, a claw, a device for stripping varnish from the wood. The bar is closing, I notice two window-doors above the bar, balconies except they are inside the main bar. The racks of tarot cards in the corner. The channel is closing-

Karen Karnak