Written by AMANDLA!   


Labour union activist Sipho Jele was murdered by the Swaziland Police after being arrested on Mayday 2010. His so-called crime was to be wearing a Peoples United DEMOcratic movement T-shirt. Under the orders of the King Mswati, a state of emergency lasting over 32 years so far - has branded all workers who organise against capitalism – including those within the Police - as terrorists. The Swazi monarchy survives by supporting vicious multi-nationals such as Coca Cola who exploit the countries resources as well as foreign ex-colonial imperialists such as the UK and US.


The monarchy in England has also only survived by collaborating with bourgeois democracy and we therefore know that a democratic government cannot deliver power to the people as long as capitalist corporations governments as well as the monarchies that spawned them continue. Thobile Gwebu a pro-democracy activist who was claiming asylum in UK was recently deported to Swaziland and so we wish to continue the weekly vigil she made outside the Swaziland High Commission in London in cyber as well as physical form against all monarchies as well as corporations.



In creating a cyber-vigil we must promote the dealienation of those workers killed by Foxconn (13 “suicides” in 2010) in China in order to create capital from the production of the computer systems that have brought you this message – Apple, HP, Nokia – which requires that we defend the hundreds of living Foxconn workers in India - members of Foxconn India Thozilalar Sangam (FITS), which is affiliated with Center For Indian Trade Unions (CITU)- arrested for organising in defence against extreme capitalist exploitation last week.


On Samhein eve, Saturday 30th October we will bombard the cyber interests of Swazi and Brit monarchies as well as the multinational corporation Foxconn - with e-mails. The weekly assault will go on until the Swazi harvest festival iNcwala. Thei form and content of our electronic communications will be based on cyber-sangoma, cyber-sufism and metahypertextographic formulas. We call on all data miners and psychic workers – all those who work with creating, distributing and consuming meaning – to join in a synchronised cyber-sangoma assault in order to channel the ancestors via the internet to assist all workers take over control of resources. We will publish all mined email addresses on our website on 30th so comrades can join in the assault.


All Made-up And Non-existant, Dead and non-Living workers Association (AMANDLA)