Written by Fellow Striker   

World strike to abolish money The 2012
Economic and spiritual revolution
To create
A world
Free Access
Simply and peacefully done.
The strike starts when the Olympic torch is lit for the 2012 Olympic games.
The Call out from www.strike2012.org calls for a 1 day strike
Join it

We will return to work only when
All monetary units are made Illegal
All statutes made null and void
A return to common law
We will return to work not for money but for goodwill, co-operation and the freedom and betterment of all human kind.
We will return to work using the existing systems [while it suits us] but transforming and making those systems free and fair.
We will with all speed and haste implement all labour saving technology, we will no longer be afraid of loosing our jobs.
Wage labour will be a thing of the past
Work will become a joy a source of social and intellectual fulfilment
We will make it our priority
That all human beings have access to adequate shelter, foods and health care
We will uphold the common law
On the return to work
If you do not have work to go to [i.e. you were in the finance industry] , or you do not wish to return to your work, do not worry . You are now free. Free to jump on a jet plane, free to visit friends and family, free to party.
Everything will be free
Every human being on the planet will be free.
Free from the fear of poverty, hunger, lack of shelter and lack of health care.
There will be no sweat shops, no child labour, no drug cartels, no landlords, no fear of government agencies
Travel will be free, shelter will be free, health care will be free, food will be free, every thing will be free
For every human being on the planet
All lawful human beings will be free.
We will uphold the common law
To be honourable
Not to harm others
Not to steal from others
Not to deceive others
We will all be free
Strike, strike, strike, strike
Make common sense and common law prevail
After the strike, if you have no work to go to and you wish to work then offer your services to front line services.
Front line services to include ;
Production and distribution of food stuff.
Providing health and social care.
Upholding the common law.
Builders, poets, mechanics , experimenters, scientists, shop keepers, law enforcers, carers , thinkers, researchers, peace keepers, statisticians, programmers , co-ordinators, teachers, doctors, nurses, minstrels, artists, farmers, drivers , pilots, all people.
We are all free
All equal under the law.
The revolution is here
There is enough food to feed the world, yet 5,000,000 people starve to death every year. Nearly half the world’s population live on less than 2 and half dollars a day. With the abolition of money feeding and giving all people of the world a decent standard of living becomes purely a logistic problem. Economics and geo political forces will no longer stop or hinder the process.
While billions go without, billions remain idle; we have an abundance of human resources wasted because of geo/political economic forces. While the need for money and wage labour remains we can no go forward, we can not implement technological advancements for fear of unemployment. [See www.thezeitgeistmovement.com ] while money is here the drudgery of work will always be with us. Money enslaves us all and created huge social inequalities. Money has not and will not set us free.

Abolish money and set the human race free.

Abolish money and set the human race free.Worldwidestrike2012.blogspot.com