Written by DAMTP   


Two of us attended Chinua Achebe's lecture at Cambridge University on Friday 19th November 2010. Ironically, a Nigerian fellow worker who was going to join us could not get a babysitter so couldn't make it. The auditorium was so full that we had to watch a video link in the lecture theatre next door.

Chinua Achebe entered to a standing ovation. We thought this excessive but not surprising given his status in Academia. He apologised at the start of the talk in advance, for any offence he was about to cause and spoke for an hour about Nigeria, the road from colony to independence and towards democracy and was mainly addressing I think, the Nigerian elite present.

There was however much to interest us. He spoke of prophesy and of the Society of Nigerian Artists who he was a member of during the colonised era - and he explained that he saw SONA as - in his own words - a sort of trade union set up by the artists to protect themselves in the revolutionary period.


He also spoke of the Igbo traditions of democracy and the word/name Ezebilo - which means the King Is An Enemy. As Sipho Jelle and PUDEMO know too, Tinkhundla is not the only traditional anti-colonial form that is an alternative to Western Democracy. Chinua spoke about leadership as a sacred duty - something Igbo tradition of magical leadership demonstrates.

Crucially, Nigerian civil society and all members of the audience were encouraged to
mobilise collectively and aggresively to ensure on the Nigerian government to adopt the Freedom of Information Bill in order to fight corruption and lay the ground for the elections in 2011. We will respond to this call as we see the access to information as an essential part of the de-alienation of data miners and miners across the planet.

We are therefore expanding the cyber-vigil to begin contacting Government of Nigeria email addresses to encourage the adoption of the Freedom of Information Bill. Democratic leadership - indeed all forms of government as well as activism involve crucial psychic labour and data mining. We invite such workers to join the DAMTP as a hyper-sit-union.

The Nigerian FOI Act is crucial not just, as Chinua asserts, for the establishment of "free and fair" elections - which are at any rate impossible in a capitalist system and while capitalist superstates continue to be allowed to bully their people and all people of the world - ie the international working class. The Nigerian FOI is a step towards empowering data miners and psychic workers in Africa so that they and we may come to work in unison with the miners of the land - of minerals metals oil and gas. This is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful general strike across the world in 2012 and this is why we support the FOI and urge comrades to do so too.

We also remind those data miners and psychic workers in the CIA that they have run out of time - literally. It is The End of the Age of Divinity. To the CIA, planning to derail Jonathan Goodluck before the adoption of the FOI we remind you that we have defeated you before and we will do so again.

Chimurenga! Inqalab! Amandla!