Written by Non Grata   

[due to the NON GRATA (Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Moggelitoo / Dionysos Monroe) performance at Invisible Cottage, Flagstaff, Arizona]


We have come a long way to be here today…

I am not talking about our 2500 mile drive from Miami…

I am talking about our journey, all of our journey to be free

Free free free

Free of the constraints put upon our souls that would strive to suffocate our spirits and enchain us to the machine of standardized production and standardized choices for our spirits.

Let me tell you about Cheun Chen, a Chinese artist who sold his house and used the money to create the biggest festival of performance art in the world which took place in China in 2009. Cheun Chen is true to his journey. He now lives homeless, often eating out of trash cans, or eating nothing but noodles, traveling the world as a prophet of the creative dream, on a quest for the truth of the creative space that we all share.

If you die without The Church of Non Grata you will go to hell- the hell of not living with the true light of freedom that is inside every one of us.

We are on a journey

We are ALL on a journey

We are the same:


We greet those conventional lives as we pass by – With 9to5 jobs, mortgages and Washing Machines…

But we go our own way

Storm chasing

We are the storm

We are the storm

We know no boundaries


We are Neitschze’s dream

We are supermen

We are eternal


We are sailors, adventurers, gypsies.

We are poets sculptors performers composers musicians singers dancers photographers filmmakers,


We are brave

We take risks

We are different

We are honest

We are intuitive

We tell it like it is

We are stupid

We are intelligent

We are fierce

We are brutal

We are compassionate, gentle, kind

We have soft hearts

We are spirit warriors

We are the deer, running free


We are free free free

We are sex

We are lovers

We are love

We love to love

We live from love, passion - not from fear


We kiss, fuck, suck the very marrow out of life

We reach up to kiss the heavens

To suckle on pure life force


If we no longer love the one you are with – we leave them

If we cannot find happiness in our jobs – we leave them

We do not live from fear –

We know that hearts mend

That we are capable of so much more love, and passion for our work and for our brothers and sisters than those devils would have us believe


We channel our resources – we give our time towards that which we truly believe

We are fluid

We flow through the gaps in a rigid society

We channel our human resources – and our life forces

We give money only towards that which we truly need


That in which we truly believe


Leave your dead lives behind



We are lightness

Pure light and pure sound

We are music, we are the beat

We will fall

We will rise

We will fall again


We have anarchic hearts - Unfaithful to manmade laws

We are faithful, only to our journey

We are loyal, only to our dreams


Take courage from the church of Non Grata – let the spirit of Non Grata fill your earthly bodies and feel the spirit setting you free,

We will not bow down

We refuse

We will never stop we are the storm

We are Non Grata


We are smiling, laughing, happy to feel alive and in love

We help each other to be happy and fulfilled

We sing and dance at bus stops

We clean and caress

We explore our bodies our minds

We learn them together


We are the Universe


We listen to the forgotten wise voices of the rivers and the sea

We live in the realms of the creative imagination

We are the creative imagination

We blow away lies and injustice

We are personal

We are global

We overcome difficulties

We change the world

We care

We feel weight


We are lightning

We are thunder

We are the wind that makes voices, and takes them away

We are breath

We give life

We are fearless visionary poets

We have tiger-eyes, deer hearts, the wings of angels

We are more than the eye of the storm

We are the fucking storm

We refuse

We will not bow down

We will never give up

We are the Storm