Written by DAMTP   

Skomantas Pakalka (born 1991) has participated in 16/01/2009 protest in Vilnius, Lithuania where every citizen could freely express their opinion and dissatisfaction with the existing government. The next morning a peaceful teenager was arrested at his parents’ home and accused of rioting as well as organizing the protest.The blame is put on S.Pakalka to show the power of the government and instil fear in society

06 January, at 10am, Westminster magistrates was hearing a case on his extradition to Lithuania, where he might receive a prison sentence of up to 6 years. If youths are the future why shut them in prisons?!

The trial on January 6th sentenced Skomantas Pakalka to be deported to Lithuania in 17 days. He did not asked for political asylum, but when judge asked him why he didn’t wants to be extradited, he answered that he was too young to understand what are the consequences of his escape to England. He said that he did not want to spend 6 years in a prison. Skomantas Pakalka was represented by lawyer Edward Elwyn-Jones who in a pleading asked for release on £1000 bail. It was rejected. Pakalka will spend his pre-deportation period in HM Prison and Young Offender Institution at Feltham.

There are planned few concerts to be held in London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vilnius and Ryga and so collect some funds to help him to hire a lawyer for the upcoming trial in Lithuania.