Written by ARKA   

ARKA InterActions Sardinia and other international associations which has just returned from Tunisia found that security forces used disproportionate force to disperse protesters and in some cases fired on fleeing protesters and bystanders using lethal methods: in Tunis and other cities some protesters were killed by single shots to the chest or head (from behind too), suggesting deliberate intent to kill.

Witnesses told us that some of those killed could not have possibly posed a threat to the lives of security forces. Other victims were not involved in the protests at all.

Our collaborators also found evidence that many of those arrested in connection to the unrest were tortured or otherwise ill-treated in custody. Detainees were beaten with batons or kicked, while others were forced to kneel facing walls for hours.

Right about this, one of Arka collective performances was to face walls in public spaces for hours screaming alternately as a sort of african blues “call and response”...

During many peaceful art actions of ARKA Groups, in other corners some protesters acted violently and security forces used disproportionate force to disperse protesters and resorted to lethal force when it was not strictly necessary. Tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition were widely used even when protesters were peaceful, and protesters were beaten with batons.

We returned because we have to go on with polyart-works (and we have our kids here too), but we’ll repeat Arka collective performances here and everywhere developing our original project “Dramaturgy of the Arts”© facing walls naked and shouting while others lying on the ground with amplified snoring.

Single artists didn’t came back with us by boat and decided to stay more days in Tunisia, some other journalists and doctors want to try to go to Egypt... We discourage this last idea because over there the situation is more dangerous at the moment (they closed facebook communications too) and there are not enough collaborations with other peaceful international partners.

Best. Ajò!

28 January 2011


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