Written by DAMTP   


The war being waged on the working class through cuts on public spending in the 1st world goes hand in hand with the killing and occupation of countries in the 3rd world. The freemasons of the future are determined to continue their dirty alchemy of blood for oil – every atom for quantum radiation


We must come together as workers to sabotage the capitalist machine. As psychic workers we will undermine the myth of place (and nation) by conducting a sex majik ritual at disused military airfields. This way we will go back ion time and shut them down in the present time. The assurance of success should not allow us to be any less determined in our efforts. Mayday to Summer Solstice:

Berlin Tempelhof Usaf Unit At Tempelhof 7350th Air Base Group – Deutschland Magic Mountain Nuclear Bunker - Alconbury Airfield- England

Only with an absolutely crippled sense of humanity could the nazi technocrats realize so many strange inventions – VW, various Bahns, Tempelhof (“the mother of all airports”) etc. By building one of the first concentration camps on the former site of Templar Knights in Tempelhof (now south Berlin) these moronic robots kept their ideology running. The fields which were used by Prussian Empire for parading purposes were taken into the new level by nazis. Hitler's first architect “good nazi” Albert Speer ordered to re-style the eagle shaped buildings of the airport, one of the largest building entities in the world at the time. One of the many ugly suprematist “projects” “envisioned” by fuhrer were put on paper by Speer, who never in his life (he died rather late, in 1981) admitted knowing about the holocaust. It is difficult to believe that the most powerful architect in the world would not know where his building materials come from (and why “his” projects had to stop). It is widely known that lots of work were done by slave labor in concentration camps, one of them being a Columbia House, formerly on the site of Tempelhof airport (as the port was expanded, the camp was moved out into Oranienburg, where crafty prisoners were pre-occupied with faking British pounds and US dollars, as a part of the nazi plan to throw money from the airplanes over places like London, in order to bring down the foreign economy). During the “cold” war the airport became famous as one of the areas where cargo cult would be practised. 70 pilots died during the airlifts.

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