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Sarmatism was an ideology in the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16-18th centuries. Although not identical in Lithuania and Poland, it derived the distinct ethnic identity of the ruling classes – the gentry, or szlacht – from Sarmatian and Scythian tribes of Central Asia, rather than from Slavic and Baltic heritage. Adherents discovered correspondences between Polish coats of arms and the tamgas used by the Tatar minority in the Commonwealth and claimed a Turkic descent.


What is interesting to us, is that the ruling class came up with a racial justification for their superiority over the peasantry. The ideology's basic function was (and seems to carry on, as is also evident from 'Sarmatian Review' - still running - http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~sarmatia/) to provide a social glue for a distinct nation, which itself is a contradiction. This racist bluff is continued by the contemporary 'Sarmatians' in Lithuania, who stir in a bunch of Shwiuostickels (swastikas) into the mix.


See 'Sarmatism or the Enlightenment: The Dilemma of Polish Culture' by Andrzej Wasko (http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~sarmatia/497/wasko.html) and '“Turkism”, Polish Sarmatism and ‘Jewish szlachta’: Some Reflections on a Cultural Context of the Polish-Lithuanian Karaites' by Dan D. Y. Shapira (available at http://www.karam.org.tr/Makaleler/1980138237_shapira.pdf)


The article is a brief about some tendencies emerging in Lithuania, where a bunch of fascists are spouting a half-baked ideology of “Sarmatia”. While there were talks about the symbolics of this ideology, we'll have a look at the contents.




This article is a short one about some tendencies emerging in Lithuania, where a group of fascists are spouting the half-baked ideology of “Sarmatia.” While there has been discussion about the symbols in this ideology, we'll take a look at the contents.




It comes as no surprise that the simplistic “solutions” provided in the movie Zeitgeist serve to reinforce anti-Semitism. By overstating the influence of one of the world's superpowers, the filmmakers exaggerate the distinction between the “authentic” and the “virtual,” popularizing “anti-imperial” fascions with the cosmopolitan Jew as enemy. This is becoming increasingly popular in countries such as Lithuania. Concurrent with increasing racist violence on the streets, a weird mixture of “matriarchal” pagan “anarchism” along the lines of Nazi Aryan supremacy is forming as the new "Sarmatian" ideology. In our opinion, it would be dangerous to reject this new initiative as merely marginal, because the “radical” right is disillusioned with official government and the “mainstream.” Self-styled historian Aivaras Citrons Lileika, formerly an IT lecturer at London Metropolitan University, is “investigating” the much-neglected pre-Christian period in the territory of present-day Lithuania, and this holds allure for those who question the manipulative official versions of Baltic history. Citrons, while he sometimes takes cover for himself in a modest anarchist outlook and in questioning the legitimacy of all government, is participating in a larger project. He, former businessman Milvydas Juškauskas, media magnate Kęstutis Pūkas and Linas Zeniauskis are actively refitting German Nazi ideology to the contemporary Lithuanian context.



Citrons has been active in creating and disseminating nationalist and anti-communist propaganda in the last few years and has given numerous public lectures on history in Lithuania and abroad. We have been successful in tracking down one of his lectures (in Lithuanian) whose recording and distribution Citrons tried to prevent. It was obtained through the agency of his naive admirers (dated December 6, 2009, called “1928-2100. Žemė – žmonių ar vyrų planeta?” or “1928-2100: The Earth – A Planet of People, or of Men?”). Here Lileika-Citrons praises Hitler and the “modesty” of Nazi expansionist plans, while denying the Holocaust (he says no Lithuanian Jews were killed during the Nazi occupation of Lithuania during the second part of the lecture, at 1:14:26, once hosted at: http://sarmata.blip.tv/file/4483168/ possibly still available here http://blip.tv/sarmata/2d-1928-2100-žem-žmoni-ar-vyr-planeta-4501670 or here http://blip.tv/file/4483168 ). This is particularly despicable, since Lithuanians themselves were strong perpetrators of the genocide and were even criticized by Nazi officials for their “do it yourself” enthusiasm in the human slaughter. (See LIETUVOS ŽYDŲ PERSEKIOJIMAS IR MASINĖS ŽUDYNĖS 1941 METŲ VASARĄ IR RUDENĮ: ŠALTINIAI IR ANALIZĖ, Christophas Dieckmannas ir Saulius Sužiedėlis, in Lithuanian, page 28, http://www.komisija.lt/Files/www.komisija.lt/File/Tyrimu_baze/Naciu%20okupacija/Zydu%20naikinimas%201941%20m.%20vasara/S.SuziedelisC.Dieckmann_Zudynes_Jungtine%20versija.pdf ). Amid all the ass-kissing, Citrons claims that “Today, we all live in the world created by Hitler.” Although this is partly true, Citrons and company plan to take it to new “heights”. In sum, "Sarmatian" ideology is a contemporary re-mix, merging the “pluralism” of democratic society with fierce claims that Lithuania is the center of the world (mind you, “The swastika travelled from Lithuania east” and “We are the originators of this innocent symbol”), and is therefore a brand new neo-Nazi group. The “solution” proposed for ending the corruption of the world is hard to describe. It is work. The work of women in the “Third World.” He concludes with a call to “invest in teenage girls.” How different are the conditions of African slaves, Nazi concentration camps and those in debt?




There has been much talk about the “revival” of swastikas in Lithuania and Latvia in 2010 and even the international have covered public demonstrations of Nazi symbols ( http://rt.com/news/swastika-acquittal-lithuania-nazi/ ) The Holocaust deniers were acquitted in court because the pigs orchestrated the event and planned it well. Milvydas Juškauskas, who became known for filming corrupt police, appeared on a News Radio (“Žinių Radijas”) talk show in 2009 where he enthused over his “great new plan”—which would involve initially legally reproducing swastikas from archaeological digs in Kernavė, a medieval capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania—while the host of this showhalf-heartedly mumbled doubts over the plan to revive the “Lithuanian” economy by exporting swastikas “made in LT” to destinations such as Germany. He claimed to have begun work on the “swastika question” in 2008, when he, making use of contacts in the State Security Department and elsewhere, discovered that while the swastika as a Nazi symbol was banned in Lithuania (along with Soviet symbols), there were ancient swastikas, either of a different shape or color, which were legal. While the public debates questions on the nature of the symbols, the Nazis bathe in the media coverage.




Even though we justify governmental repression of racist crimes, in places such as Lithuania it is especially obvious that all the officials want is to cover themselves in the eyes of the “tolerant” “Europe.” We welcome a new Antifa.lt initiative which is doing a great deal to reveal the specifics of racial incidents in the country, where the mainstream media manipulate events by claiming that in the recent event, for example, a man from Pakistan was beaten up by “Anti-fa activists.” The informational attack via Antifa.lt reports might have triggered a recent cover-up of a great many videos the fascist "Sarmatians” have uploaded to the net. Our view is that it is important to reveal this ideology as anti-Semitic, supremacist and Nazi, and to spread the word widely—we believe in the majority of the people as social beings who will spread the word despite the attempts by these pigs. Furthermore, their ideologies are completely dependant on the positive public treatment, so a cake-attack (or maybe some tooth-paste) on Citrons might make this sour Nazi reconsider the shit he chews.




The "Sarmatian" ideology stems from disillusionment with the corruption of both the Soviet regime and the “new,” openly capitalist, government. But they only criticize corruption and not the logic which justifies the alienation, exploitation, prostitution and mass murders. To underline it once again, it is dangerous to reject this new initiative as merely marginal, it is necessary to publicly and clearly condemn it as Nazi.