Written by Redas Diržys   

Sure, it is not a magazine what we are attacking – those kinds of magazines does not deserve it because the topics in it are far away from the reality it pretend to face and depicts nothing else but alienation as of culture itself as of those involved into it. And this is not a critique what we provide, but warfare and we are attacking one ring of the chain (possibly not the strongest one). The reaction appeared from a press release – you’re right, but there is no sense to read it all [the magazine] through when you can check out the ranked names enlisted and silly titles of the chapters presented. We treat your magazine launch not an exceptional one, but a very symptomatic one. We attack not magazines, but the people who are scribbling in it…and their meetings as well. As you probably know – nobody cares what G8 are waffling, the attacks are towards their meetings and that they are used to decide for all the rest of the world.


Though we are slightly wondering that your press release seems not adequate to the content of the magazine? Otherwise, why to read endless text production if the intentions are clear already from the statement?


What we want to say – the true exploiters of the working art people are those inside the art bubble, not somewhere outside as they use to pretend, and workers must to choose a form of unification on the class basis – to resign from art system duties and JOIN THE INDUSTRIAL UNION OF PSYCHIC WORKERS ET TRAVAILLEURS PSYCHIQUE. As you probably already noticed from previous times – our discussion is not possible till we are meeting on different sides of the front line between strikers and scabs – one of us should cross over.


Join now, or DAWOU-DAMTP (DEad WOrkers Union of DAMTP) will wait for you after you leave this world exhausted in your obedient service to capital!