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Written by CLASS   

The industrial union DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique attend the June 30 march in London and we call on local un-unionised data miners and psychic workers to join us. This march called by PCS, ATL, UCU and NUT goes through areas of London where the workers represented by these unions would have been working if they were not on strike. This march is therefore not simply an A to B march – it is a claiming of ownership of the resources of production by these workers. These streets are part of the resources used in the production of public space by public workers. Furthermore since the PCS is the representative of the Metropolitan Police workers, any confrontation with police is not simply spectacular – it is the confrontation of striking workers with scab workers. Whatever the secret state’s hand in orchestrating and manipulating this situation, these objective manifestations of class war are what we join with.

So as well as claiming common ownership of the resources and factors of production and confronting scabs and capitalists, we also need to establish that this strike is an opportunity for us to organise and unionise. To build on this event into a global world wide general strike. It was the Tolpuddle Martyrs whose subversion of freemasonic initiation provided a vital boost and temporal vertex for Trade Unionism in London – and we welcome them into the DEad WOrkers Union. It is with them that DAMTP-DEWOU break off from the main march and launch psychic attack on the Freemasons Grand Lodge.  This simply manifests through our allowance of all psychic workers who are scabbing and collaborating with the capitalists to renounce their position and join the DAMTP. Like the Tolpuddle Martyrs we conduct psychic initiation using  these specially
prepared situgraphics which allows them to join our union or indeed form their own one – or more – person unions.

The meeting point is at  Lincolns Field Inn is of course based on the Great Pyramid at Giza  - the west side, created by Inigo Jones faces the A-Men-tie mysteries and it is no coincidence that both the Trade Union
marches and Freemasonic processions often begin from here. However, it is not just vital that the trajectory from Freemasonry into Trade Unionism be disrupted and superceded. It is inevitable.