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Dear friends, dear comrades,

You can find the agenda of the Tunis international meeting and the registration form to complete and return to the same address Attached to this mail.
This will help us have the number of participants and provide information on their organizations and groups.

You can now send us material for the workshops to provide a basis for discussion. Regarding the workshops on "the crisis of contemporary art" you can send us your proposals (texts, artistic productions, videos, images ...)




Call for a Transnational Meeting in Tunisia

19 May 2011

We, students, precarious workers, unemployed, and activists of Europe and North
Africa met in Tunis to share our knowledge and begin a process of common struggles. The struggles that have swept across North Africa over the last few months spoke to the entire globe because the absence of a future for the new generations was at the center of these conflicts. The front lines in these struggles were held by the new generation who is always the first to fight and the last to be listened to. In the context of the global economic crisis, there are many parallels in the reasons why we are fighting in Europe and why
Ben Ali and Moubarak were toppled.

These struggles are demanding a radical change of a system based on generalized exploitation by parasitic governments of elites over the needs of the many. We are revolting against the misery of the present and to build new social relationships that are produced by processes of liberation and the reappropriation of our collective wealth. These struggles create common spaces that power constantly tries to fragment and repress.

This is why we are calling for a transnational Meeting of activists to share our struggles and to construct common strategies and campaigns. We don’t want to have a “media” event, but to construct a transnational network able to face these times of struggle and great social transformation.

We would like this Meeting to be a laboratory of reflection and common work around the following fundamental questions: migration and the free circulation of people and knowledges, precariousness, the question of debt and social services, free and accessible education for all, the construction of autonomous
media and networks, the reappropriation of urban spaces, the mechanisms and the forms of social mobilization and the experimentation of new forms of organization and collective intelligence.

We propose a 4-day Meeting in Tunisia in September 2011, from September 29 to October 2, 2011 and invite all collectives, groups, individuals and activists who adhere to this call and who wish to construct a transnational network of struggle.

Front de Libération populaire de la Tunisie
Knowledge Liberation Front
Network Welcome to Europe and other activists of NoBorder
Soliplenumk Revolte (Gottingen)


Common Statement of meeting "University Struggles Against

Paris - Saint-Denis Meeting,
11-13 February 2011

We, the student and precarious workers of Europe, Tunisia, Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina, met in Paris over the weekend of the 11th-13th of February, 2011 to discuss and
organize a common network based on our common struggles. Students from Maghreb and Gambia tried to come but France refused them entry. We claim the free circulation of peoples as well as the free circulation of struggles.

In fact, over the last few years our movement has assumed Europe as the space of conflicts against the corporatization of the university and precariousness. This meeting in Paris and the revolutionary movements
across the Mediterranean allow us to take an important step towards a new Europe against austerity and the revolts in Maghreb.

We are a generation who lives precariousness as a permanent condition: the university is no longer an elevator of upward social mobility but rather a factory of precariousness. Nor is the university a closed
community: our struggles for welfare, work and the free circulation of knowledge and people don’t stop at its gates.

Our need for a common network is based on our struggles against the Bologna Process and against the education cuts Europe is using as a response to the crisis.

Since the state and private interests collaborate in the corporatization process of the university, our struggles don’t have the aim of defending the status quo. Governments bail out banks and cut education. We want
to make our own university – a university that lives in our experiences of autonomous education, alternative research and free schools. It is a free university, run by students, precarious workers and migrants, a university without borders.

This weekend we have shared and discussed out different languages and common practices of conflict: demonstrations, occupations and metropolitan strikes. We have created and improved our common claims: free access to the university against increasing fees and costs of education, new welfare and common
rights against debt and the financialization of our lives, and for an education based on cooperation against competition and hierarchies.

Based on this common statement:   
We call for common and transnational days of action on the 24th-25th-26th of March, 2011: against banks, debt system and austerity measures, for free education and free circulation of people and knowledge.   
We will create a common journal of struggles and an autonomous media of communication.   

We will promote a great caravan and meeting in Tunisia because the struggles in Maghreb are the struggles we are fighting here.   

We will be part of the G8 counter-summit in Dijon in May.
We will meet again in London in June.

Fighting and cooperating, this is our Paris Common!

Academy Commons / Academy of Refusal – Vienna / All Nepal National Free Student Union / Artsagainstcuts London / Assemblea di Medicina dell’Università La Sapienza – Roma / Assembly of the Faculty of Letters – Porto / Attac Germany / Auep-ei – Madrid / Bartleby – Bologna / Camberwell college of Arts Anticuts group / Cantiere – Milano / Carrot Workers Collective / Centre for Ethics and Politics – School of Management of Queen Mary University of London / Chto delat? (Russia) / Coalition for Educational Justice – University of California San Diego / Colectivo EXIT (Experimentar, Inventar, Transformar) – Barcelona / Collective A GARRA (New University of Lisbon) / Collettivo Dams RomaTre / Collettivo Universitario Autonomo – Bologna / Collettivo Universitario Autonomo – Palermo / Collettivo Universitario Autonomo – Pisa / Collettivo Universitario Autonomo – Torino / Comité de Liaison Universitaire-Précaire – Rennes 2 / Conférence Universitaire des Associations d’EtudiantEs – Genève / Contrapoder – Madrid / Coordinamento dei collettivi di Milano e Provincia / Critical Legal Thinking (UK) / Csoa ex mattatoio – Perugia / CTW-European Strategic Organizing Center / Démosphère / Diktyo Pliroforisis kai Syntonismou gia to Panepistimiako Kinima (Greece) / Direct Action – Ukraine / edu-factory / eipcp – european institute for progressive cultural policies / Estudantes por Emprestimo (Portugal) / Fac Verte (France) / Fakultät Null – Berlin / Free/Slow University of Warsaw / Free School – Queen Mary University of London / Free School & The Paper / Free University (Lithuania) / Glasgow Open School / Glasgow University Occupation / Goldsmiths University Occupation – London / Greater Toronto Workers Assembly (Canada) / Group of Students from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto / Ikasle Abertzaleak – Basque Country / Interflugs – Berlin / Kent Centre for Law, Gender, and Sexuality – Canterbury / Kollettivo Studentesco Autorganizzato – Torino / Linkes Hochschulnetz – Vienna / Movimento student*- precar* Perugia / Mudar de Rumo – students collective in Coimbra / NaStyku Student Scientific Society – University of Gdansk / National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, UK / Öğrenci Kolektifleri (Turkey) / OKUPÉ Collective – University of Gdansk / Opción Portaleana (Chile) / Pan Africa Student Council (Gambia) / PhD Student Council – Social Sciences – University of Gdansk / Precarious Workers Brigade / Project 2012 Network (UK) / Provisional University – Dublin / Really Open University / Revista Multitud (Chile) / Right to the City Forum – Glasgow / Rise Up – Madrid / Scholars’ platform – Braga / Sheffield Occupation / SOAS Occupation – London / Stockholmsstudenterna (Sweden) / Street University (Russia) / Studentische Initiative Wien / Studiare con lentezza – Verona / Sud Etudiant – Paris / Saint Denis / Syspeirosi Panepistimiakon – Coordination of University Teachers (Greece) / Temporary Institute for Hexenpower – Vienna / The Association of the Blacklisted Students of Tokyo / The Free University of Liverpool / Theoretical Practice Collective – Poznań / UCL Occupation – London / UK Campaign for Real Democracy Network / Uniriot – Torino / Universidad Nómada (Spain) / University of Kent Anti Cuts Campaign / University of Kent Occupation – Canterbury / University of Strategic Optimism – London / University of Utopia / Univerza za nepodredljive vede/University of Insurgent Sciences – Ljubljana / Upping the Anti (Canada) / Young Struggle Österreich / Z´AM – Innsbruck



International meeting
September 29 to October 2, 2011

(the workshops and round tables will have parallel during these two days)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maison des Jeunes Menzah 6, Tunis.

- Foreword
- Presentation of the organizations and groups
- Presentation of workshops and registration

Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1, 2011

Plenary assembly of groups’ delegates :
Self-organisation assembly of the transnational network : 

/Maison des Jeunes Menzah 6, Tunis/


1 - For the free circulation of people : migrations
/Maison de la culture de Hammam Lif/

2- Beyond the political economy of precarity, debt and unemployment :

A - Precariousness, unemployment, debt.
/University of Campus El Manar/

B – From within, against and beyond contemporay biocapitalism
/University of Campus El Manar/

C – State apparatus and repression
/University of political and social Sciences, Tunis/

3- Knowledge and culture :

A – For the free circulation of knowledge : free knowledge for everyone
/Faculty of social science 9 Avril/

B – Critical philosophy at the time of revolution.
/Faculty of social science 9 Avril/

C - Crisis of contemporary art and its overcoming
/High School Fine Arts, Tunis/
& /High School Dramatic Art, Tunis/

D – For an insurrectional urbanism : to rethink the city.
/National School of Architecture and Urbanism/

E – For a social medecine.
/Faculty of Medicine, Tunis/

4- New forms of organization and collective intelligence

A - Construction of autonomous networks and media.
Institut de presse et des sciences de l'information (IPSI) - Sousse

B - Self-organization : Case study.
Maison de jeunes, Regueb

Besides workshops :

- Practical ateliers and workshops (proposed by participants :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Closing :
Maison des Jeunes Menzah 6, Tunis.

- Presentation of the decisions emerged during the workshops
- final declaration



• Name of organization:

• Names and number of participants:

• Confirmation of the time and day of arrival:
(This confirmation can be done later.)

• Plenary delegates from organizations:
Assembly of self-organization of the international network:
Groups and collectives are invited to appoint a coordinator for the Plenary and prepare interventions from 10 to 15 minutes to showcase their experience of local and national struggles. The objective is to think together concrete proposals to build a transnational network.

• Choice of workshop:
(Check before the workshop selected)
Now participants can send the material (texts, stories, thoughts, etc.) for all the workshops to form a first reflection on the topics to be discussed at the meeting:

• Self-Organization and revolution: Field study of struggle in progress / meeting with revolution councils.
Youth club of Regueb (South of Tunisia)

• In addition to the workshops:

This section will be devoted entirely to self-managed workshops, panel discussions, screenings, discussion groups, etc.. If groups or collective wish to communicate proposals before the meeting, at the following address:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
(They can be inserted into the program.)

• Presentation of the organization:
(Please send a picture or logo of your organization)

For any question or suggestion you can contact the organizing committee

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it