Written by Redas Diržys   


So far you sent the brief of the Berlin Biennial and negotiated for the meeting and then find no time to talk on DAMTP issues while beeing in Lithuania nor in Berlin – it seemed as kind of gesture of your wish to collaborate or to “commission” me, or biennial, or DAMTP or whomsoever, but I have an opinion on the attitudes you’re presenting and now it’s not me who is waiting for your offer, but there is rather my proposition to yours.


The positions of BB you’re declaring are very elitist and therefore remaining fully bourgeois in the essence. Your wish to somehow to strain the occupations movement to the establishment concept is deplorable. The essence of occupations is to strike the system’s functioning and to sabotage the authority – yours claims are the opposite – instead for striking the system you’re about to strengthen it with “positive“ content (as you are about to decide) – have you ever saw or hear any capitalist, or totalitarian or any authoritative system not to claim about it’s “positive” shift? The first thing you are doing – if you still not able to acknowledge – is to alienate the artists one from each other (the main trick of all high bourgeois culture) and at the same time to show your authority towards them. To compare – nowadays occupations happen in an extremely horizontal way – no leaders, no individualities any more – they are 99% against 1% - and there I am openly to accuse you in collaboration with the system. You are claiming for the refusal from the artistic projects, but at the same time collecting, valuating and commissioning them. You are calling for the art to be politically responsible, but instead creating one more political decoration therefore fully corrupting artists on their proletarian way to get to collective consciousness…and throwing them into a competition instead. There I must to repeat once again: alienated capitalist politics starts with alienated bourgeois culture and no “shift” is possible while only manipulating with separated parts. We must crawl for totality of art & politics not just that done by the celebrated and privileged ones.

In the end I simply want you to ask first to yourself – when during the General Strike – are you still about to continue on collecting individuality based projects to fit the revolution? Or what is you are going to be occupied with then? Revolution has no need for curators, neither for individualist artistic gestures…especially symbolic. Revolution is neither symbolic, nor has anything symbolic in itself – symbolisms are what recuperates it.


Therefore I want to invite you to resign from authoritative curatorial duties and to join us at DAMTP (DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psyhique) and therefore to sabotage first the Berlin Biennial and then all the rest of the senseless art world. Fucked up Berlin Biennial would give much bigger political impact then one more spectacle filled up with bunch of symbolic meanings and further would join to the global occupations movement.


Welcome General Strike 2012!


Redas Diržys

Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique

7 Berlin Biennale / Political Shift (working title) 

7 Berlin Biennale is commissioning artists not for art projects but for a political shift. It is supporting the political awareness, the visible social impact, art-driven strategies within the politics and it aims at a substantial and symbolic effect. 7 Berlin Biennale is a call to the art field to become politically responsible, to self-empower the sector, to question its consensuality, decorum and leftist skepticism, and to stand along with the present social and protests and occupation movements. An exhibition together with a series of performative projects during 9 weeks will be also an attempt to include and confront the diverse stands such as nationalist art, right-wing art, church art, green-art, unprivileged art, pedagogic art and others. 7 Berlin Biennale also uses its visibility and its means to make the biennale politicaly and not again about politics.

7 Berlin Biennale is curated by Artur Żmijewski

The associate curator is Joanna Warsza