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The event was planned as DAMTP propaganda exhibition at DADAPOST, Berlin on October 15th - November 13th, 2011. It was directly addressed towards the artists to doubt their duty being artist and directing them towards becoming self aware psychic proletarians. The show consisted of two separated parts – one was traditionally formed by an artist/curator, who selected Berlin based artists. Another one was arranged by three [exhibition]workers – the space was filled up with DAMTP prints, post-produced or re-adapted propaganda papers – and some trans-inverted posters. Unfortunatelly it still looked very aesthetic. While the first part of the show held on the individuality and supposedly equal attention to each item – the DAMTP space provided a clear contrast of being in collectively in-divide-duality of spinning situlogy and therefore challenging to stop "making sense".

Along the installed work a few performances were executed. One consisted of a performer vocally describing the deaths of the artists. The second performance was a contemplation of sound and light – it is mentioned later on. The last 'performance' invited everyone present to participate in a psychic real estate scam letter reading. Sheets with example fraud e-mails were distributed. These texts had been crafted by scammers to deceitfully sell someone else's property. Attendants were asked to vocally read the e-mails in a chosen order. DAMTP then gathered in the middle of propaganda installation while chanting demands to send money through Western Union money transfer. This stirred up the art audience, some of whom quickly picked up on voodoo economy lessons. Such content was chosen to further contradict the 'autonomy' of art and to stress its role as a commodity in the process of inner city gentrification. Such phenomena are further investigated through a foundation of POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd - a 'real' estate agency.

Later DAMTP did an attempt to demon-strate the economic, scientific, cultural bankruptcy of the ruling culture through Situlogical Interferometrical Dark Power. That was achieved by playing the three-sided football in the unlit yard during the opening of the show. Light was just only provided to the back sides of the goals so far it were located on the entrances to the yard – 1st leading to the street, 2nd – to the screening space of the gallery (former freezer) – 3rd – to the bar. The game uncovered the polarizations of the people gathered – the artists of the 1st part of the show (aesthetic one) attracted their own audiences which provided each participant with different amount of humancrystallizations – the friends of DAMTP and casually affiliated shooters were playing football, while people standing in bigger or smaller gatherings were passing back the ball. At this point one of the performed installations was located in the space which had a door chosen to be the goal – it turned out that aesthetes got a kick-in into the art context. A disturbed art consumer (herself a performance artist who just finished the reading) was upset about the vulgarity of the interference and demanded to immediately quit using the entrance to the space as a goal. At the same time the event was visited by the police who were invited by a desperate woman next door – she was shouting before something in the sense that playing football is not allowed here. Apparently she was not right – football in private spaces and even shouting in common ones is allowed till 10PM in Germany. Also one more precisely executed spot-kick of the ball got into the plastic glass of wine in the hand of the artist/curator of the first part of the show – not a drop was saved. Possibly it could be counted that aesthetes got 2 symbolic goals, both executed from the dark side of the pitch into a lit outside.



The conclusions:

0. Neither “creative class” (in Richard Florida’s sense), nor their friends, nor petite bourgeoisie from the balconies - non of them/us was/is wishing or willing to quit with "common sense" yet.

0. Even bad deed on a human level (disturbing neighbours after the work, kicking out glass of wine from hand of friend without apologise, ball interfering colleague’s production) could be interpreted as progressive act.

The screening of the Venom Eternity Remake by Karen Karnak was postponed to be on view in the space by a few days because the final version reached Berlin after the opening. Preplanned freezing with the film was substituted by straight chilling – the temperature was about 0 degrees and no strong alcohol provided. Those to choose to play football were to withstand disadvantages of physical chilling… but also cultural, artistic, that of the “Deutsch Ordnung” and psychic as well.

3-sided football is known to be a game of skill, persuasion and psychogeography, where temporary alliances are formed and dissolved. The next attempt to play it was chosen on the site of a former Tempelhof airport in Berlin in order to remember the events associated with the location and to reconnect strategic thinking. Tempelhof had been a sacred site for Knights Templar, Prussian military parades, Nazi marches and American airlift. There had been one of the first concentration camps in Germany and Lufthansa had been founded there once a 'mother of modern airports' had been built. This time for the three-sided football game there was a very limited number of players (3 teams of 2 players each) and two of them turned up injured. Nevertheless, big presence of people in the airport that beautiful day substituted the exhausted and inapplicable ones and so let the game proceed (it was nice to realize that there is a possibility to substitute 2-3 players out of thousands relaxed people gathered to hang out in a public space, but still in doubt is it possible to rely on forming even the minimum number of players straight at place). The turnout of the game disappointed fans of traditional soccer who demanded a penalty shootout between the two teams who received the least goals. According to the concept of triolectical football the winner is determined as the team which concedes least goals – the counting of the scored ones is considered as being out of interest… but after the penalties series the winning teams can turn up into a loosing ones leaving the already lost one to win.

[There could be mentioned that “normalization” process is also present in improvements of too anarchist structures as 3-sided football is – there you can find even league established of how 3-sided football rules are bended to look back as a two sided spectacle oriented entertaintment where the producing of heroes is the main task - http://threesidedfootball.com/3sidedfootball/3sided-football-rules/. ]

This time the game engaged players from Germany, Kosovo, Lithuania, Czech, Afghanistan and England. The experience was radically different from any other three sided football game known to have been played: every attack consisted of at least one act of inter-rival solidarity and then a cheat – performed one immediately after another or sometimes even simultaneously.


If to come to the conclusions also in this case we get a very sad one:

0. The bigger bastard you are – the bigger triolectical fun.


0. Triolectics is not [only] a fun!


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