Written by Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)   


26th February 2012

Qabar of Rahmat Ali Chaudhry at Cambridge Cemetery.

The end of capitalism is presaged by the collapse of all the previous forms of domination and so will depend on the liberation of the land as well as capital. Therefore we must begin our proletarianism with taking and regaining control of land as well as capital. Even so, the reclamation of the land all over the world, by Indigenous and Traditional groups, by Peasants, Farmers, Travelers, Gypsies as well as Working Class groups can only become revolutionary in this age if they are accompanied with the reclamation and control of capital – machinery and tools INCLUDING PSYCHIC, INTELECTUAL OR HUMAN CAPITAL – by Labour. That’s why the only way that the struggles for the land, at Dale Farm in the UK or by the AMP in Pakistan or indeed the Occupy protests, can only be won when the police, army and private security workers along with the resources and tools they use – including the psychic cops of the services industries, come under the command of workers groups linked internationaly.

This is why the recent bombings at Shiah and Sufi shrines in Afghanistan follow similar targets in Pakistan last year require a response and condemnation worldwide. As part of the diaspora of the Former British Empire, we feel that we must respond. It is irelevent whether these attacks have been orchestrated by the Taliban or other groups or indeed by NATO linked security or secret service groups of the USA or UK. Neither can any of these organisations be revolutionary or proletarian. The same goes for all left wing groups – who constitute the left wing of capital – who in the UK are calling for NATO troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan or the right wing who support colonial and imperialist war – we recognise the need for the fascists both Islamic and Christian or indeed pagan and other fascists to be fought by any means necessary.

We call on all troops therefore to renounce the authority and command of their British Army or other NATO control and for all military equipment to be put under the control of proletarian and workers groups and organisations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also call on the soldiers of the Pakistani Army and the workers of the secret services to refuse all command and put themselves under the control of local peasent and workers groups. These workers groups must therefore be linked internationally so that the global will of the workers can be implemented.

In order to facilitate this transfer of psychic control we will call upon the DEWOU/DAMTP to disrupt the psychic procession of the dead soldiers at Cambridge cemetery through an Urs ritual. Urs is traditionally celebrated on the death anniversary of the saint in question - ie the date of their marriage (Uroos) to God. You may well be aware that Muslim National Communists of Afghanisatan and Pakistan used shrines to organise against British rule and we also follow this example in Cambridge. While there is a common thread among revolutionaries or reactionaries eg the Sindhi Nationalists like GM Syed who was a very powerful Sufi Communist or indeed Rahmat Ali Chaudhry himself who was neither Communist or Sufi but was fighting Imperialism – and that is of utilising the organisation of the dead to counter Imperialism with Nationalism. We however employ Psychogeography in order to build Class Consciousess beyond National limits in Space as well as Original
limits in Time.

Following the traditional marking of the end of the age of Prophets with the death of Mohammad, and the death of Naimi Fazlallah as the end of the age of Saints we mark the death of Isou Isou as the End of the Age of Divinity and the opening of the Age of the Proletariat. We thus see this Urs date as the entry of the proletarian Rahmat Ali into the DEWOU/DAMTP and we wish to utilise the form of the Urs to create a psychic and temoral vertex through which to manifest a a Quam-Bridge between nations - and between worlds. Al-Qaum - the God of Night and War - from which the urdu/arabic word for nation is derived - is the perfect 1 Monodimension from which to intervene into the 2 Dimensional Nation construct in order to amplify our efforts to create a mature 3 Dimensional (Trimensional ) Class Consciousness.

The revolutionary in Rahmat Ali is not the reactionary Islamic Nationalist but the Unitary (Wahdal) Proletarian Psychic Worker who single handedly, beyond nationality, was able to create psychic visions and use them to attack both the British Empire in Cambridge as well as the nascent Indian and Pakistani ruling class and Islamic elite in its infancy. This is what lead him to being hounded out by the secret services in Pakistan soon after its formation and meant he had to live out his days in isolation and exile in Cambridge. It is also what resulted in him being buried in Cambridge without a proper gravestone in a Christian graveyard. This proletarianism therefore continues beyond his death and Capital has failed to murder it.

When meeting with friends, from Bangladesh and Pakistan, of Other Asia and Redo Pakistan we did decide to mark the death anniversary as 3rd February 1951 (ie on  Friday 3rd February 2012) rather than 26 Raby` al-THaany (AL-Akhar)  1370 A.H. (ie Monday 19 March 2012 C.E ) - although I suggest now Sunday 26th February 2012 may be a better date as it is central to the Christian and Islamic dates. Alternatively a month of events has been suggested thus creating a Qaum-bridge between the Christian (Solar) date of 3/2/12 and the Islamic (Lunar) date of 19/3/12.

Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)
Cambridge Lettrist And Situationist Society (CLASS)
DEad WOrkers Union /DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique (DEWOU/DAMTP)
Ashura 1370