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12/16/2011. Today more than 3,000 people gathered for a rally in the town square in the center of Zhanaozen (Kazakhstan). Police attacked the protesters, protesters burned the police "UAZ", in response in the city entered the army. Killed over 20 people.

Official information from Zhanaozen doesn't talk about the events, we have information only from bloggers. As reported by blogger Alex Ivanov, "in the midst of the rally in the crowd deliberately crashed a police car. Enraged people upsetеd the police car and burned it. Also burnt down a police bus and a yurt, installed in an area after a local holiday.


The police at this time fled, the internal troops pull to the town . Locals say that if oil companies will used the force, then the whole city is ready to go on the streets. New people continue to come to a place of protest. " During the day it became known that the internal troops which had been concentrated in Zhanaozen opened fire on the oilers. There is smoke from buildings akimat, management and hotel Arua. Link was interrupted with many oil companies working, the authorities stopped work mobile network.


Claimed that in Berlin, the U.S., Moscow and several other countries and cities have begun mass rally of solidarity protest. Thus, the MEP has organized a press conference on the situation in Kazakhstan, a group of leftist deputies in the European Parliament intends to formally communicate with Astana and demand to stop the authorities to stop the repression.


According to activists of labor unions "Karazhanbas," in an open fire police officers killed in Zhanaozen more than 20 people.

Oilers ask to help. It is also reported that in Alma-Ata to the center pulled together troops and police.


In the present there is not connection with the city Zhanaozen, bloggers argue that "there is a real massacre."