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November 11th, 2011 at 8PM Denis Limonov – a member of the literature-gang "Lipovy Tsvet" (double meaning having term: Spurious Color or Lime Blossom) arranged an unscheduled action-experiment "Turmoil” in the bus No. 23 in Mogilev (Belarus). The name for the action was chosen later on the basis of the reaction by the bus passengers. This action could be considered as socio-political actionism. Passengers in the bus became hostages of the situation. They were forced to listen to a kind of revelation by some no longer able to keep quiet a slightly drunk man who decided to take a desperate step - to declare publicly evidence of continual violations of people’s rights and so to express his own civic position. But in this case he used language of slogans and pathos. Passengers do not understand what was happening. Their defensive reaction, based on fear and it’s masking by any kind of "normality", "honesty", "adequacy" made it impossible to take the situation seriously. Thus, Limonov immediately fell into an image of the "urban idiot" and likely attitude was dictated by the cliché. The reactions of some passengers (like a girl-doll grown-up by MTV and MuzTV kind of channels, or working class looking man - that needs a separate article to be written.


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Soon after the placing the video on youtube it evoked strong public reaction in blogosphere and strengthened the desire of some people to confine members of “Lipovy Tsvet” into a mental hospital. You can get more detailed information from this link (in Russian) <http://yakizdat.livejournal.com/86440.html>


This event (in a concert with soon afterwards to appear Denis Limonov’s acknowledgement in his presence in terrorist act in metro station Octyabrskaya so to stop execution of death sentence to Konovalov and Kovalev) as a handle for Belarusian police to start investigation against members of the group. At the moment they are hiding from the police aggression.