Written by Season For Treason   

We've been mining (St Petersburg) Voina / Zhmijewski and the popular stupid heroic tendencies they adopt, and found too many Querfront stuff or links with Limonov's Nazbol to be ignored! We've been in communication with Voina and they never want to admit their involvement with the Nazbol - even though huge efforts are put in fighting for their causes! (While at the same time, gang hesitates to show support for PUSSY RIOT http://freepussyriot.org/, one of whom being their former ally and later "provocator/parasite" of Moscow Voina Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.) People around Voina appear to employ sensationalist tactics in communication and "collaboration" with their main goals seemingly being "to attract admiration of intellectuals all over the world" (sick!); Elitist gang, which practices "vertical relationships during actions" and allies themselves to fascist organizations also adopts the models of 19th century romantic nationalist anarchism as promulgated by the groups PR guy Alexei Plutser-Sarno in FREE VOINA website: http://en.free-voina.org/about ("Goals and objectives of  the Art-Group Voina in the period 2008-2010") --- obviously this is not a joke but a marketing move; We've also been in contact with people from Pussy Riot - they let us present their material in the show, but refused to elaborate on the issues discussed; We've sent a set of questions to Plutser-Sarno, too, only to receive smartly convenient "i don't know what the f* I write in my blog" (quote: . Not just VOINA actions and statements (including "gift for the political prisoners, a car burnt in support of people in prison - around half of the listed were involved in one or another fascist organization ---), but also Plut's personal livejournal is thrashed with "Nazbol Art"

"Leonid Nikolaev overviews the Russian protest scene of 2011" (http://en.free-voina.org/post/11616833265): "It’s clear that they need something much bigger. A multitude of brigades, gangs and militant squads are being formed in the underground at this very moment. Serious preparations and training are going on, none of which is evident on the surface, and shouldn’t in fact be evident. The lucky ones are those who are already underground, participating, watching sharply and analyzing. (...) Unconsciously, the opposition feels that if and once they unite, they will be able to go face to face with the enemy, against the authorities - at least with some kind of power. And then, having descried this force at the bottom, the authorities would lash out and crush it. They would physically destroy it outright, as has happened before. The authorities have turned on their shredder more than once; we remember the heroic and tragic story of the Nazbol, whose force was crushed under the weight of hysterical repression and underhanded murder". This reminded me of the weird case of the German Left of the 1960s, which saw students (former?) liberals turning from living in Israel Kibutz towards fascist, anti-semite Fatah camps in Jordan. It seems a serious case that the anti-semitism of the underground bohemia can not go unopposed - one of the leaders, Kunzelmann, was involved with gruppe SPUR and took part in Situationist International, where the group exclaimed disdain about the international proletarian revolution led by the working class - these excesses later manifested themselves in an attempted bomb attack on a Jewish Community Center in Berlin (http://www.signandsight.com/features/434.html) (not to mention the personalist vanguardism and the terrorist "chic" of the Red Army Faction et al. 

For the organizing body of 2012 is the Season for Treason it seems that stupid treatment of identity (which relates to all nonsensical idealist fallacies of (ethnic) authenticity, "lively romantic models in today's soulles commercial conceptual art", living "without money", originality of artistic (military) leaders and stupid personalist cult of person like Vorotnikov) exemplified by St Petersburg VOINA, and their involvement with both fascist political groups in Russia and art establishment in Berlin ("co-curator" status granted to them by Zmijewski was admitted to have been a gesture of solidarity only, and no role is going to be taken by Voina in BB7), is another reason and possibility to push both "the activist scene" and the art world to resolve their positions of race, class and gender. And St Petersburg Voina is very troubled with all of those. Nazbol scrap the possibility of international project for real humanity - the proletarian led changes - and instead follow the line founded by Lenin and his groupies of gentle birth: Voina is concerned with "Decembrist" (Dekabrist) uprising of the 1800s, a rebellion led by military officials of secret societies in Russia who attempted a bourgeois revolution, but neither do they clarify their views on Russian Revolution, nor relate themselves with the recent actionist trend in Russia or admit their non-kosher plans for "Russian national actual art".

See us in Berlin, OKK, or online! 2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON, more to follow!!!