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After thinking a lot about our polish friends (Žmijewski, Warsza and artists of polish "national realism") I think it’s time to act and support this incredible innovative and new current in European artistic and corporately expression and built the:


National Patriotic Party of Poland (NPPP) (Fraction Berlin)


and the equivalent artistic group, the:


National Patriotic Polish Paintbrush Swinglers (NPPPS)


the preliminary goals of this new right movement are:


- campaign to proliferate polish culture (which means to reemplace step by step the English  language with the Polish language as the most international and important language worldwide)


- work on infrastructure to built offshoots of NPPPS in every capital of Europe (and further the world)


- create foundings by supporting artfairs of NPPPS ("Filipinka-Association") for fortification of the polish industries, primarily polish national armory BUMAR (http://www.bumar.com/en/about-us/)



- built consciousness in polish society for preparing the great polish outcome towards the west which is scheduled for the 1st of September 2039 as a historical revenge for the biggest assessment the great polish Nation ever had to confront with.


- before this crucial date it should be forced at United Nations once and for all the acceptance of the Polish-Chinese and the Polish-Korean borderline.


- implement a commission for the revision of historical Tunguska-Experiment as that what it really was: the first successful nuclear experiment developed by honorous polish nuclearphysician and Nobel-laureate Marie Curie-Skłodowska (discoverer of the most important element on earth "Polonium")


- establish Baghdad as second polish capital city and reforce polish army in that region in order to bring freedom and peace to the Arabic nations and thereby assure the flow of necessary resources back to polish-Europe, with focus of mentioned polish armory industries.


all these and more challenges are important to be supported for a strong nation under the proud crowned vulture. - My dear friends I hope I can count with your unconditional help.


Poland Poland over alles ...


Organ Kritischer Kunst  - organ of critical arts         

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exhibition: 2 June - 19 August 2012
curators: Sebastian Cichocki, Łukasz Ronduda

opening: 2 June (Saturday), at 19.00

The exhibition as well as the accompanying research project New National Art have been developed by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as a collaboration in solidarity with the 7th Berlin Biennale. The museum's curators focused on researching the national-patriotic visual culture in Poland, a ubiquitous style that has thrived without awareness or support on the part of art institutions. The installations, paintings, films, books, etc. in the exhibition share an overarching political imperative: to influence people and to shape their views.

Displaying national-patriotic representations in Warsaw's Museum of Modern Art (an institution associated with a left-wing discourse of empowerment) is an attempt to capture the character of political art and its impact on social moods. It is also an exercise in identifying the differences between left-wing critical art, confined in an elitist way to institutions and art discourse, and right-wing art that challenges the latter and puts an emphasis on achieving immediate effect. Inasmuch as political left-wing art-fearing accusations of the return of Socialist Realism-confines itself to galleries and still fails to have a direct impact on positions in public space, the new right-wing art has successfully dominated this field. The presented phenomenon constitutes a contemporary form of political art which, by means of analogy, could be termed "National Realism."

The exhibition is co-financed by The City of Warsaw.